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Become a Member!

MVDPS Membership

Membership dues help us cover the ongoing expenses of the park, such as weekly waste pick-up, poop bags, lawn mowing, etc. These expenses amount to about $4500 per year.

Dues are $25 per household per year, and we accept payment in all forms - cash, check (made out to MVDPS), and credit card (via PayPal). You can even set up convenient monthly payments via PayPal! Just click the "donate" button on the left, type in your preferred amount, and check the box to "make it monthly". Recurring contributions of $2.50 or more will cover your membership dues. If you elect to contribute more, here is an idea of how those dollars add up:

$5 per month = one month of waste pickup from Casella
$10 per month = one case of poop bags
$20 per month = two weeks of lawn mowing
$30 per month = three months of porta-potty rental

Dues can be paid online via PayPal (see above) or mail a check to MVDPS at the address below. You may also pay your dues in cash by dropping it in the donation boxes at the park, but please be sure to put it in an envelope with your name on it so we know who it goes to.

Sign up online: Fill out the online membership form and send your dues payment via PayPal or check. You may also contact us by email at mascomavalleydogpark@gmail.com to sign up for membership.

Checks can be made payable to Mascoma Valley Dog Park Supporters (MVDPS) and sent to:
PO Box 141
Enfield Center NH 03749

Become a Volunteer

Please let us know in what ways you would like to help. Use the form below to indicate your interest in becoming a volunteer. Be sure to select the opportunities that interest you the most, or let us know how else you would like to help.

Do you visit the park once a week (or more)? If yes, we hope you will sign up for "poop duty” or "water patrol." These two volunteer tasks are essential to keeping the dog park open, so we need you!

Poop Duty involves emptying the waste bins inside the parks and refilling the bag dispensers. Water Patrollers rinse out the water coolers and dishes and wipe them down with disinfectant. These are not glamorous jobs, but are quick and easy, and can be done during one of your regular dog park visits!

Volunteers sign up for a once-a-week shift on a day that works for them for one month at a time (i.e. every Tuesday in May). If you can help, please fill out the form below.

MVDPS Volunteer Form