Call to Action - What you can do to help!

Post date: Jun 18, 2014 3:14:39 AM

You are probably wondering what you can do (besides spreading the word) to help with our current efforts for the dog park. As a result of last nights meeting, here is a quick-and-dirty checklist of action items for you:

  1. Vote 2x a day in the PetSafe B4YP Contest
  2. Ask 10 other people to commit to voting daily too!
  3. Print out and hang the attached flyers to further spread the word about the contest - put them around your workplace, on your car, at your vets office, anywhere and everywhere!
  4. Volunteer to help with an event - Click to view spreadsheet that includes a list of events with dates. To volunteer for an event simply fill in your name via the Google doc or email us with what event(s) you would like to help with.
  5. Come this Sunday, June 22 at 12 noon to the Shaker Recreation Field to take part in the filming of our PSA! Bring your dogs (on-leash) and romp around with us in the wildflowers! (note - a 30 second PSA video is a requirement of the PetSafe contest)
  6. Send in photos of your dogs for inclusion in the PSA video. Email pictures to
  7. Become a Member of MVDPS ($20 per household, annually)

Every item on this list is very important and will be hugely beneficial to MVDPS. Now more than EVER we need your help, so get to it! :)