Shaker Field Dog Park

Shaker Field Dog Park

535 Route 4A

Enfield, NH 03748

Hours: Dawn to Dusk


Park Rules (short version):

Scroll to the bottom to view the full rules.

Safety Protocol & Incident Report Form

Please refer to our safety protocol procedure and incident report form as tools for responding to and reporting issues and incidents at the park. Both the Town Manager and Enfield Selectboard will be involved in assisting to enforce the Park’s rules, when needed. See the above links for more details or to file a report.

Join our Facebook groups! 

These groups were created so that park-goers could communicate with each other about when they will be at the park and to coordinate play dates.

New to the dog park? Welcome! Please check out the resources below.

In preparation of your first trip to the park, especially if you're a dog-park-newbie, please review our rules and regulations (below). 

Our park is self-regulating. Though there will often be a Park Ambassador on site to answer questions and give advice, we don't have 'staff' present at all times, so it is up to all park users to make sure that the rules are upheld in order to maintain a safe and fun environment for all. 

Park Ambassadors are volunteers who have been significantly involved in the development and maintenance of the park, and are familiar with basic dog park etiquette for both dogs and people. They are there to answer any questions you might have regarding park rules or appropriate dog behavior and to ensure that the rules are upheld. They may also offer advice or intervene in a situation that arises; many of them have more extensive knowledge of dog body language and behavior. 

Park Ambassadors wear name tags when at the park to identify themselves. If you are interested in becoming a Park Ambassador, please reach out to us via email or on Facebook.

We also highly recommend watching the YouTube series "At the dog park" by Sue Sternberg. Sue highlights common behaviors and gives tips on how to read dog body language.

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