Dog Park is Open - Volunteers Needed!

Post date: May 22, 2018 11:15:12 AM

First, a big thank you to all the volunteers that came to the work day on Sunday. We got a ton accomplished and couldn't have done it without your help. All three parks are now open for the season! A couple things to note:

  • There is a big area in the Large Dog park that is fenced off. The turf really took a beating here and didn't come back this spring as we'd hoped, so we're re-seeding it and hoping to have the grass reestablished there sometime later in the summer.
  • For the coming year, Ingrid's Park (the training park) will be open to both spayed/neutered and unaltered dogs of all ages. Please note that all other park rules still apply, and that unaltered dogs over 1 year of age are not permitted in the Large or Small dog park areas. The full text (and context) of this one year trial is below.

Now that the park is open, in order to STAY open we need volunteers to cover poop duty and water patrol through the summer, and beyond. These volunteer tasks are essential to keeping the dog park open, so we need you!

Poop Duty involves emptying the waste bins inside each park and refilling the bag dispensers. Water Patrollers rinse out the water coolers and dishes and wipe them down with disinfectant. These jobs are quick and easy, and can be done during one of your regular dog park visits! Sign up for a once-a-week shift for one month at a time (i.e. every Wednesday in June). If you can help, please email us at or sign up here! We will provide training if you have not already helped us in the past.

NEW - Unaltered dogs Welcome in Ingrid's Park

The issue regarding the park rule around unaltered dogs has been heard and addressed by the MVDPS Board. In partnership with the Town of Enfield (Town Manager and Town Counsel) an amendment to our original rule was presented to the Board of Selectmen. On April 2nd the Enfield Selectboard agreed to a one year trial in which unaltered dogs will be allowed to use Ingrid's Park (aka the training park). The full text of the approved, amended rule is below. We will revisit this with the Selectboard, and at our annual meeting next year, following the one year trial.

All dogs over one year of age must be spayed/neutered to use the Small or Large Dog Parks. Unaltered dogs of either sex are prohibited from using the Small or Large Dog Parks, but may use Ingrid’s Park. Handlers of unaltered dogs must alert other users of Ingrid’s Park to the unaltered state of their dog(s). Female dogs of any age, while in heat, are not permitted in any of the Parks (Small Dog, Large Dog, and Ingrid’s Park), in accordance with RSA 466:31.