The dog park is OPEN! Please read:

Post date: May 11, 2016 5:03:32 PM

The park is now OPEN for the season! YAY! A few notes for when you visit:

PLEASE, keep your dog(s) away from the gates inside each park when a dog is entering. The excitement created by a dog coming into the park can create a dangerous situation when other dogs crowd around the entrance. When you see a dog entering, call your dog to you (or go get them) and keep them with you (hold onto them, if needed) until the new dog enters and things settle down.

You will notice that we have installed a well to provide water for the dogs. The well is between the small and big dog parks. The water will remain kind of rusty-looking till the well has been used more. We have had the water tested for safety and will be testing in regularly throughout the year. The water doesn't contain any e coli and is safe for dogs, but not for humans. We are experimenting on how best to get the water into each park. We have a hose that reaches into each park or you can bring the coolers out to the well and refill them.

You will see that we have planted grass (covered with hay) in several places outside the park. Please keep yourself and your dogs off these areas.

We are in need of volunteers for poop patrol starting in June (agreeing to empty the receptacles once a week). We will also be having another work day in the next month or so. Let us know if you have an hour or so to spend or can volunteer for a stint as a poop patroller.

Last season, we found a lot of un-scooped poop especially along the fences. Watch your dog and let other owners know if their dog poops, as it is easy to miss. The surest way for a dog park to get a bad reputation is to have poop on the ground.

We have installed donation boxes in the small and big dog parks. We also have boxes and flyers that outline how to become a contributing member. Remember the park operates solely on contributions.