Trees at the dog park and more!

Post date: Oct 28, 2015 2:33:21 PM

Fall is officially upon us and although their leaves have fallen for the season, we've got trees! Thanks again to the Eastman Charitable Foundation for their grant, which enabled us to purchase 6 lovely red maples to plant at the dog park. Also, a big thanks to Fox Trees of Enfield for their professional installation job.

You may be wondering why the trees are located outside the park. It's a great question. We received professional recommendations from both the tree supplier, Northern Nursery, and the installer, Fox Trees, AGAINST planting trees inside the park. The main reasons for this were compaction and the fact that dog urine is very hard on trees. The location of trees planted outside the park was determined by retired forester Alan Strickland to maximize shade thrown into the park based on the sun's trajectory in the warmest summer months.

PLANS FOR WINTER - Our tentative plan is to be open, as long as the parks don't get too icy (which is a hazard to both people and dogs), but the biggest hurdle is finding someone who can plow our driveway and parking lot. Preferably this would be a volunteer who would do it free of charge (in exchange for our unending gratitude and advertising, of course). If you would be willing to volunteer, or know someone who might, let us know.

LOST AND FOUND - Earlier this week a remote-control type device (possibly for an electronic collar?) was found in the training park. If this belongs to you, let us know so that it can be returned. In the future, lost and found items will be posted on our Facebook page. Make sure you've "liked" us in order to get updates: